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Yuri Gorbachev

Talented and famous around the world, Yuri Gorbachev is the brightest star in the constellation of artists who came to America from the former USSR in 1991.

Gorbachev’s work is represented in more than twenty museums worldwide including the permanent collections of The Russian National Museum, St. Petersburg, The Louvre, Paris, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, The National Ukrainian Museum of Art, Kiev, National Armenian Gallery, Martiros Saryan Museum, Yerevan, The Rudana Museum, Bali; his work was also in the Clinton White House and The United Nations for which he designed a United Nations Stamp, Green Parrot on Red Flower, for the Endangered Species series.

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The first stamp of this series was done fifty five years ago by Salvatore Dali. In 2011, Yuri Gorbachev designed a new label for Stolichnaya Vodka, called “Four Elements” Previously, From 1994 through 1999 “Stolichnaya” commissioned him to design their annual Christmas “Holiday” advertisement, which appeared in hundreds of magazines around the world including Art & Antiques, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Time, W, GQ, Elle among others.

In 1998, Rizzoli International, published “The Art of Yuri Gorbachev” and in 2002, The Bertelsmann Group, published “The Art of Paradise”, a major book about Yuri Gorbachev’s life and art.

Yuri Gorbachev, classically trained in Soviet art academies, uses lacquer and glazing techniques in his paintings, exhibiting his classic training and unique style; black is not part of his palette. Gorbachev’s artistic career has flourished in New York City and he has had more than two hundred solo exhibits all over the United States, Europe, South America and Asia. Former Christie’s Auction House expert in Russian art, Maria Paphiti, calls Yuri Gorbachev the ambassador of Russia for world art.

The Yuri Gorbachev Museum Tour, 2017–2023, is enjoying great success in the United States, South America, Russia, Ukraine, and Southeast Asia.

selected photographs





The Louvre Museum, Paris, France
National Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
Russian Museum of Kiev, Ukraine
United Nations, New York, USA
Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Museum, NJ, USA
Norton Dodge Collection, Maryland, USA
The White House, Washington D.C., USA
United States Capital. Washington D.C., USA
Russian Culture Foundation, Moscow
Kremlin Museum, Novgorod, Russia
Museum Of Art, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA
Museum of Art, Glasgow, Scotland
Museum of Art Marseilles, France
Museum of Arts, Oulu, Finland
Museum of Art, Stockholm, Sweden
Museum of Fine Arts, Genoa, Italy
Museum of Fine Arts, Gerona, Spain
Museum Seni Rupa, Jakarta Indonesia
Rudana Museum, Bali, Indonesia
Museum Universitas Pelita Harapan, Lippo Karawaci, Indonesia
National Art Museum of Penza, Russia
Odessa State Museum of Western and Oriental Art, Ukraine
Odessa Literary Museum, Ukraine
Odessa Museum of Fine Arts, Ukraine
Porcelain Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
Moscow Cultural Centre, Moscow, Russia
Conjunto Cultural da Caixa, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Blackpool Museum of Art, England
Donezk National Fine Arts Museum, Ukraine
Moscow Museum of Porcelain and Earthenware, Russia
Porcelain Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
Mikhail Gorbachev Foundation, Moscow, Russia
Ilyaichevsk National Museum of Porcelain and Earthenware, Ukraine
5 Penn Plaza, CNN Building, New York, USA
Karuna Passage, Miro Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Adidas Collection
Seagram's Company Museum, Absolut Vodka Collection, USA
Stolichnaya Collection, Carillon Importers, USA
Regent Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
Shangrila Hotel, Manila, Philippines
China Club, Hong Kong
Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Indonesia
Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, Bali, Indonesia
Hilton Hotel, Singapore
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Perth, Australia
Ministry of Culture of the Ukrainian SSR, Ukraine
Capital Hotel, London, England
Central Library, Oulu, Finland
Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipai, Taiwan
Financial Club, Jakarta, Indonesia
Merck Fink & Co. Bank, Berlin, Germany


Alexander Palace | Saint Petersburg


United Nations


BJames Booth, NY
Beatrice Booth, NY
U.N. Secretary General Boutros
Boutros-Ghali, NY
Samantha and Alan Breitman, NY
Susan and Leo Breitman, MA
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bricker, MI
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Brooks
Emanuel Cherdak
Robert Chong, HK
President and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Cochran
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Connors
Hank and Linda Dean, Idaho
Mr. and Mrs. Max Devere, GB
Norton Dodge
Alexander Dolsky
Mr. & Mrs. Dormann ,NY
The Baroness Dunn DBE JP, HK
Boris Eifman, Moscow
Mr. & Mrs. Viktor Eisenberg, NY
Joseph Estrada, Manila
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Fazekas
Sergei Federov, MI
Mr. Alberto D. Fernandez, NJ
Alisa Freindlih
Ms. Sarah Hagen, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fried, MI
Nancy and Tony Gambuzza ,NY
Mikhail Gorbachev, Russia
Armand Hammer
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Haymes ,NY
Deborah Iskandar, Indonesia
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Jacoby, MA
Senator James Jeffords, VT
Philip Kilkorov
Senator Edward Kennedy, MA
Konstantin Kusminsky, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Viktor Krupnik, NY
Barry Landau, NY
Viktor Loschak
Serguie Martinenko, Odessa
Mr. Christopher Martino, NY
Marcello Mastroianni
Brian and Anne McDermott, NY

MJoyce and Bernard McDermott, NY
Mr. & Mrs. B. McDermott, CH
Mr. and Mrs. Dolph Lundgren, NY
Winton Marsalis
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Meyers, NY
Nikita Mikhailkov, Moscow
Mr. and Mrs. Don Nay
Dr. Molly Noonan, MA
Jan Ong, Singapore
Dean Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Arkady Pavlov
Mr. and Mrs. Valentin Puchko, Moscow
Alla Pugacheva
John Reilly, PA
Prince Viktor Y. Romanov
Michel Roux, FL
Royal Rowe, Bali
Stass Sadalsky, Russia
Hanni Saltzman, FL
William Saroyan
Oliver Schmalholz, Vienna
Edouard Shevarnadze
Oleg Sheyko
Brooke Shields
Valery Siemenovsky
Bryan Sommers, NY
Christine Sperber, NY
Mr. and Mrs Thomas (Nancy) Stout, FL
Mr. and Mrs. James Stroscheim
Dr. Barbara Sullivan, MA
Mr. and Mrs. John (Erlane) Tait, FL
Robert and Julie Tam, Ca
David Tang, HK
Judy and Harvey Tauber, NY
Caroline and Bruce Trask, NY
Roman Vichtuk
Jim and Lee Walpole, Australia
Dr. Barry Weintraub, CA
Simon Winchester, NY
Larisa Udovichenkov
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Winter, MO
Cheryl and Bruce Verstandig, NY
Lena Yarmak, Moscow, NY

Sculpture: "Clown" | Bronze, Gold Enamel | 16"

107 н-17 bronz,enamek 2001.jpg
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