Yuri Gorbachev’s artistic career has flourished in New York City since he first arrived from Russia in 1991. He has had critically acclaimed solo exhibits at galleries and museums all over the United States, Europe and Asia and has works in the permanent collections of more than twenty museums worldwide.

In October 2010 a major exhibition of Gorbachev’s paintings began at the St. Petersburg Museum of Urban Art & Sculpture on the famous Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg, Russia. Tens of thousands of people will attend the exhibit over a period of months; after the close of the exhibit, the paintings will travel to museums in Moscow and other Russian cities.

In 2010, Yuri Gorbachev had the honor of being commissioned by SPI Ltd, the owners of the Stolichnaya brand, to design a new label for Stolichnaya Red Vodka for duty free shops worldwide. Gorbachev presented his ideas and drawings to SPI, LTD, who were so impressed that they decided a label was not enough – they wanted the whole bottle painted with his design. The new bottle will be unveiled to the public in November/December 2010 and until then will remain “top secret”. This new design is a tremendous step for SPI and Stolichnaya Vodka, and will be advertised and promoted all over the world.

This is not the first time Yuri Gorbachev has worked with Stolichnaya; In 1994, “Stolichnaya” commissioned Gorbachev to design their annual Christmas “Holiday” advertisement for the famous Russian vodka, which appeared in hundreds of magazines around the world, and which quickly became collectors items among art lovers.

Michel Roux, art collector and President of Carillon Importers, Inc. (distributor of Absolut and Stolichnaya vodka) was the person behind the creative advertising of Stolichnaya and Absolut. He used artists including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Yuri Gorbachev for the famous Absolut Vodka ad campaigns, creating a tradition of using famous artists for vodka advertisements to promote the brands with cultural icons.

Roux described Yuri Gorbachev as “…the Angel from Russia. He brings out whatever is good from there. The spirit, the subject matter, and the colors of his work-profound in their simplicity-exemplify what Russia is all about.”