Yuri Gorbachev World Museum Tour New Opening Washington DC Nov.12 2016

All the paintings in this collection are done using a new technique that Yuri Gorbachev first used for the WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL in 1998.  He created one large painting which traveled all over the world as part of a museum show starting at WOODSTOCK. 

Gorbachev painted all of these new works at his studio in Russia over the past two years, with Russian canvasses and material. He made sketches and studies in New York for a few years before beginning his paintings. 

They are original, mixed media - enamel, acrylic, gold and bronze

The images are softer, the lines are more free and  closer to Yuri's ceramic technique with more intense colors than his previous paintings. 

The style is close to contemporary Expressionism with free flowing lines and borders.  

This collection was shown first in Russia this past summer and contains what Yuri considers to be his finest works; the pieces are now being introduced for the first time in the United States. 

After this the paintings will continue on to twelve countries including South East Asia, Europe and Russia.